Wholesale Natural Soap Bars

Australian Natural Soap is a manufacturer of pure and natural soap bars crafted with care in beautiful Australia. Our luxurious, French Milled soap is made using only the finest ingredients such as Sustainable Palm Oil, Certified Organic Shea Butter, Vegetable-based Glycerin and other wholesome and natural ingredients. Our soap bars are made from plant oils and contain no animal fats. There are no petro-chemical products detergents or Sodium Laurel Phosphates either.

Not all Natural soap bars are equal! Please go to our Soap Bars page to see why our soaps are so good.

  • Do you want your skin to feel clean and moist?
  • Do you crave a rich and creamy lather in the bath or shower?
  • Are you tired of using a soap bar that dries your skin?
  • Do you want a soap bar that seems to last forever? (doesn't dissolve)
  • Are you ready for a luxurious natural soap bar that will make you feel like you spent the day at the spa? 

A quality moisturizing natural soap can really make your skin softer and smoother and less dry. Our French milled shea butter soaps do just that and they are affordable enough for daily use. Check out what some bloggers are saying how our soap really does make your skin softer and smoother!

The shea butter enriched soaps are produced in Australia using the same specialized equipment and premium natural ingredients used by makers of fine French soaps. Our process uses 100% plant oils and produces a creamy bar equal to the most luxurious French soaps but without the high price. In addition to our Simple Scents Australia soaps that we sell direct to consumers in the US we produce and ship high end private label WHOLESALE SOAP for many brand names in Australia and internationally.

The French milling process, also called triple milling, produces a consistent premium quality soap bar, increases the lathering effect and makes the bar much more durable and long lasting. You don't have to be concerned about our soap bar getting wet, mushy or dissolving - it is a different product from the poured soap process that most natural soaps producers use.

The soap bars produced in this process have the correct PH value for a mild soap and are ideal for sensitive skin including people who suffer from eczema or psoriasis.

Our customers love our soap bars and keep coming back for more (although not too often because they last so long!) because our prices are low and the bars are so moisturizing and luxurious.

They leave your body feeling clean and moisturized, as if you spent the day at the spa. When you buy soap bars from Australian Natural Soap, you aren't only pampering yourself but finding an affordable way to keep your skin soft, smooth and healthy.

We understand that everyone needs to tighten their belts and cut down on spending. Besides ensuring that our prices for Australian natural soap bars stay affordable, we started two programs and found other ways to help you save even more money but still have the ability to enjoy our luxurious, French milled soap.

  • Discounts & Rewards Program (a thank you for our repeat customers)
  • Orders over $40 SHIP FREE
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Please feel free to check out the wonderful and luxurious, natural soap that we are offering on our website. Now, you can buy soap that is made in Australia with the finest ingredients, affordable and available in bulk.