Australian Natural Soap - Bulk Soap Wholesale


We import  Australian made natural soaps and distribute them throughout the US. Our soaps are last lasting French-milled bars, have great fragrances and sell at an unexpectedly low price.

Soaps are a consumable product that are also sold as gifts (who doesn’t like a luxury soap as a gift!). Consumable sales only happen when the price is right, the quality is great and the fragrances are fabulous.  Our soaps are moisturizing (non-drying), long lasting and great value which is why repeat sales are so strong.

You can read more about why all soaps are not equal on  OUR SOAPS   page which answers more of the questions you may have. If yu want to know more about FRENCH-MILLED soaps the check out this link.


We ship daily all over the US from our Massachusetts location to all types of retail stores  (gift shops, card shops, hospital gift shops. book stores, candle shop, garden centers, country stores, health food stores, bulk food stores, souvenir stores and on and on)

Our natural soap bars are available wrapped (branded Simple Scents Australia) or unwrapped (unbranded) and can be sold as private label and craft soap.

To get access to our wholesale prices on this website please fill out the application form or give us a phone call.

Our soaps are all made by the same Australian artisan soap maker. More than half our soap production is sold under private label brand names (some of which are well known and quite expensive) and the rest under our own Simple Scents Australia and Wavertree and London brand names.

We do not markup the soap like most distributors because we believe more soap will be purchased by consumers if the price is reasonable and that has proven to be the case. 


The soap lines we sell all come from the same Australian factory:

200g (7oz) WAVERTREE & LONDON Luxury soaps - 20 fragrances.

The Wavertree soaps are wrapped in Italian made embossed paper to give that tactile feel and have fabulous fragrances. This line is the number one selling soap line in most of the stores that carry it. The price is lower than competitve products, has gorgeous packaging and luscious fragrances.





100g (3.5oz) WRAPPED - 24 fragrances. Packed 12 to a display box. Wrapped and with individual sku's


100g (3.5oz) UNWRAPPED soaps - 30 plus fragrances

200g EMBOSSED SOAP - 9 Fragrances individually stretched wrap with UPC coding





Fragrance - what is the first things a customer does when they are interested in soap or candles? They smell it!! We have fabulous frangrances.

Price - soap is very price sensitive and our prices are unexpectedly low and no barrier to that first sale. If you can't make the first first because of price you certainly will not get the reorders you do like with our soap.

French-milled - the process of french-milled creates a long-lasting bar because it removes excess air so the bar is dense and does not get soft and disolve like poured soaps. Most soaps on the market are poured and not a lot of soapmakers use the french-milling process for natural (vegetable oil) soaps due to the cost and expertise needed.

Lather - the french-milling process turn the soap noodles into fine delicate soap "ribbons" which results in a change to the chemical properties of the soap and evenly distributes the ingredients for a smooth consistent bar.

Ingredients - the right blend of quality ingredients is arrived at by years of experience (often trial and error) and what you are prepared to spend on those ingredients. We have the years of experience and are of sufficient size that we buy directly from the raw material growers (not from US distributors) thereby controlling our quality and price and passing it onto you

Packaging/Presentation - you can sell soap a lot better if you can merchandise the product so it appeals to you customer. We have the displays to make that easy for you.

Some of our customers sell the craft soaps in farmers markets and craft shows. Here is what Kenny and Debbie from Michigan had to say:

"Your natural soaps are great to sell. We used to carry soap from another soap company and had customers coming back to complain the soap bar was melting too quickly. With your soap bar they come back even more often but this time to buy soap again, not complain!  We have never had so much repeat business.

Women like your soaps because they fit comfortably into their hand and last a long time. We don't have to tell them not to leave your soap bar in the water like we did with the other soap company. I like that your soap bars are consistent in size and color - we know what we are getting each time we order wholesale soap."